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"Sexist of the Year" award

The Russian pressure group "Pro Feminism" announced the winners of the "Sexist of the Year" award. This award is given for the most offensive and sexist public statements. 

Voting on three nominations took place on the action group's website: "Sexist of the Year", "Sexist Advertisement of the Year", "Special Award for Women Speaking Against Women". 

Dmitry Sokolov-Mitrich won the award for "Sexist of the Year" for his article "Men's happiness", in which he claimed that Russian women don't understand their true role in marriage, which is of course to make their husbands happy. This is why men have no reason to live with women over the age of 40, since they are no longer physically attractive.  

The ARKO shaving products commercial by EVYAP won the award for "Sexist Advertisement of the Year" for its slogan "It's an advantage to be a man". 

The Belarusian Central Election Commission's Chairperson Lidia Yermoshina won the last award. She was nominated for her notorious statement at a press-conference on the election results. Talking about women who took part in mass protests against falsified election results, she said: "…these women are wasting their time. They'd be better staying at home and cooking borsch [soup] rather than taking to the streets". The organizers presented Yermoshina with a saucepan for her award.  
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