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A public demonstration to support a 16 Day Campaign about Violence Against Women

RUSSIA. MOSCOW. November 27th
by Natasha Bitten.
A public demonstration  to support  a 16 Day Campaign highlighting the problem of Violence Against Women took place on November 27th on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow.  It was organized by the pressure group Pro Feminism.
Activists from the pressure group Pro Feminism, supported by activists from the Institute of Collective Action, the Committee for a Workers' International, the National Center for the Prevention of Violence "ANNA" and the Regional NGO dealing with survivors of sexual violence "Sisters", staged a protest dressed in costumes suggestive of the ‘silencing’ of women, and gave out leaflets and booklets about the problem of violence.

The purpose of the event, called ‘Land of Silence’ (a Russian idiom similar in meaning to the phrase ‘the Elephant in the Room’, a problem which nobody wishes to talk about) was to draw attention to the problem of violence against women, sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and oppression with religious or cultural justifications.
According to statistics 14 thousand women in the Russian Federation are killed every year by their husbands or partners. To put this in perspective, 14 thousand soviet soldiers were killed in the space of 10 years during  the war in Afghanistan (1979-89).

Misogynistic violence in Russia still hasn’t been recognized as a serious crime. It’s an invisible crime and is generally considered a problem only for women. The main reason for this is the lack of specific legislation dealing with violence against women. The true statistics about violence - physical, psychological and other forms  - against women are still widely unknown.

Activists collected signatures to send a letter to the President of Russian Federation to draw attention to the issue of gender and violence. 
Organization: The pressure group Pro Feminism is a voluntary organization created to raise awareness of women's issues and promote active campaigning in Moscow.
Website:  http://www.zafeminizm.ucoz.ru/
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